Not Harmonious Enough

by mr dodo

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Lee Lucas
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Lee Lucas A superb début album this and damn fine song writing and fine music by Matthew Blindt, who along with his brother Joey on Vocals have crafted a fine piece of art that works superbly. The material on the album is a mixed bag of both serious and humorous songs and its quite a very strong album both musically and lyrically. I take my hat off to these fine guys for providing an album of excellent entertainment, and highly recommend all the way. Favorite track: Ugly.
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Initially, this album was used to fund-raise for:

-Cancer Research
-Red Cross
-Doctors Without Borders

There's a combination of comedy songs and some more serious songs here, plus two instrumentals.
Thank you for having supported these excellent causes - you helped us raise over £250!

Included in the download is a music video of "Ugly" and some nice big pictures to stick all over your wall, or ignore completely (your call.)

Contact me if you want to know anything.


released December 21, 2011

Matthew Blindt (composer, producer, instrumentalist)
Joey Blindt (vocals)
Ben Wright (album title)



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


mr dodo UK

I just like writing music. That's all.
If you want to contact me for any reason, please email
All work is copyrighted by Matthew Blindt unless otherwise stated.

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Track Name: The Nameless Road to Nowhere
As I waited, on that dark, cold night.
With the rain, dripping down, my face.
I was lost, but I found, a way.

The nameless road to nowhere.
Let me take you where you’d rather be.
The nameless road to nowhere.
Just close your eyes and come with me.
Come with me.

The nameless road to nowhere.
Let me take you where you’d rather go.
The nameless road to nowhere.
A place of mine that no-one knows.
Track Name: A Duller Shade of Beige (parody)
I’ve organised the fitter,
And sourced good underlay.
I’ve used my laser measure gun,
I’ve organised the day.

I’ve looked through loads of sample books,
Each oblong carpet page.
But I think I’ve decided,
On this duller shade of beige.

I’m getting carpet.. carpet.
In my lounge and stairs and hall.
Yeah I’m getting carpet.
From wall to wall to wall.
Yeah I’m getting carpet.. carpet.
And carpet cleaning stuff,
Yeah I’m getting carpet.
Soon I’ll Hoover dull beige fluff.


My dark cloud off-grey curtains,
They really make me smile.
My sepia coloured wallpaper:
It makes my life worthwhile.

I’ve seen blues, yellows, reds and greens,
I like the average.
I’ve got all the colours,
In my duller shade of beige.

I’m getting carpet.. carpet.
Ohh, what colour shall it be?
Yeah I’m getting carpet.
One to suit my personality,
I’m getting carpet.. carpet.
A rainbow riot colourful.
Yeah I’m getting carpet.
Colours beige and colours dull.

Laaaaaa… (outro)
Track Name: Horizon
I've got to get this weight off,
My mind is getting too heavy,
It's dark in here.

Instrumental with vocals,

One step beyond the horizon,
There may be a glimmer,
Of light,
Still glowing.
Track Name: A Million Fireworks
Can’t see beyond the page.
Can’t find a sense of purpose.
And the clouds hide it all.
And the clouds hide it all.
And then the sky comes to life.
It’s like a million fireworks,
Lighting, up the dark, cold night.
So don’t close you’re eyes.
Just come with me ‘cos you,
Ain’t seen. Nothing. Yet.
I cannot clear my mind.
Is anybody out there?
And the clouds still hide it all.
And the clouds still hide it all.
(*chorus x2*)
Track Name: Ugly
No you’re not beautiful
Sweet to the eye,
You’re not..
Far below average.
The rear of a goat,
We’re getting there.

And whe-en you were born,
The doctor slapped your parents,
They said that they were sorry…
And darling, when you smile,
Do you really have to dribble,
It makes me slightly nervous…

When. You were born.
They painted the windows
Of your incubator.
When you lie..
In the sand,
Cats come along
And try to bury you.

And every Halloween,
You win the competition,
You never bring a costu-me..
And when you visit shops,
They will not let you in,
And zoos won’t let you out..

When you got dropped off at school,
Your mother got a fine,
For littering…
Your face
Makes onions
Cry (slow glissando)

When I look into your eyes,
I have to think of things,
That do not make me vomit..
There’s more to life than looks,
I think that’s what they say,
It worked for the Medusa…
Track Name: The Abattoir Club
Do you like horses? I LIKE HORSES
Do you like cows? YES I LIKE COWS
And pigs and chickens too? YES SIR
Do you like to spend your times with friends who’re just like you? WE DO
Where’s the bestest place to go to run and laugh and play? WHERE WHERE?
If you say the magic word we’ll go there right away. YES PLEASE

At the abattoir club, the abattoir club
Livestock turns to tasty grub
Multicultural things to do
Hallal- Moslem, Kosher- Jew
Educational friendly chatter,
Please step back, avoid the splatter.
We will butcher everything
All day long

At the abattoir club, the abattoir club
Blood and offal by the tub.
Our meat’s happy ever after
You can’t make slaughter without laughter
Join us as we sing our song,
Cow to burger won’t take long.
Eviscerating carcasses
ALL DAY LONG… abattoir abattoir abattoir abattoir abattoir abattoir club!
Track Name: Getting Late
Don’t look back, move onx2

The future’s pico-seconds away,
Now will later be yesterday.
Forever’s not that long.

It’s getting late.
Tomorrow, today will be yesterday.
It’s 66 seconds later,
Than 1.1 minutes ago.

The middle of this stanza,
Is a far off, future thing.
The clock ticks uninterrupted,
The 4th line now I sing.
And now the middle’s over,
Committed to the past,
So soon to be forgotten.
Nothing ever lasts.

It’s getting late.
Tomorrow, today will be yesterday.
It’s 126 seconds later,
Than 2.1 minutes ago.

And I’m getting tired.
Life’s far to short to be wasting time.
Precious time.
Track Name: Jeremy Paxman - A Day in the Life of
Jeremy Paxman;
Crime fighter extraordinaire.
“Pax” is Latin for “Peace” upholder,
“Man” in lycra.

Dawn til dusk he fights for good
But there’s a hiatus in his hero-hood;
He is captive at the BBC
Asking students nerdy questions.

Jeremy Paxman
Re-dons his super justice mask,
His nemeses think their newest plan cannot fail.
Jeremy Paxman,
There ain’t no bad guy bad enough-
He thwarts each and every villain.
Next is Newsnight –

So it’s back to TV shows
Where he interviews Politicos.
He know all their true identities
But while on air there is no bloodshed.

Jez is constantly aware
Mankind isn’t safe when he’s on air.
It’s more dread and fear than Kryptonite;
The torment that he suffers.
Track Name: I wish I had Legs
If I could have one wish please,
I would have a pair of knees.
What I want I begs and begs,
All I need is legs.

I wish I had;
Some small, ribbonned Christmas parcels,
Containing all ten metatarsals,
Quadriceps would do as well,
I wish I had legs.

A well defined fascia lata,
Would be a lovely starter.
A psoas muscle or patella,
That'd be absolutely stellar.

A powerful, muscley, inner thigh,
Would make me such a happy guy.
Great and smaller saphenous vein,
Ankle ligaments I could sprain.
I think a popliteal nerve,
Is something, frankly, I deserve.
I wish I had legs, had legs,
I wish I had legs.

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